This annoying mistake occurs once a week, of course whenever there is no one on site …

Hundreds of hours of troubleshooting and not a step further?!

The “Fast Logging” module of the Elektro Kayser Service Desk works like a flight data recorder. Upon request, almost all process values ​​and images of the input and output signals as well as internal storage locations can be logged in a ring storage system.

In the event of an error, the recorded data is conveniently and easily evaluated in a spreadsheet and the error is narrowed down.

Identification and procurement of the defective component before the service technician arrives saves time and money

Due to the evaluation option via remote access, there are often no trips and the associated travel times and costs. If possible, a complicated error can be remedied by the existing maintenance staff after determining the cause.

In a large number of cases, we were able to support our customers in evaluating the data and thus eliminate complex errors, sometimes without on-site use.

The “Fast Logging” module is also available as a single module and can be used in many places on existing hardware structures.

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